Verger Schedule

Jul 23 — Priscilla Swart
Jul 30 — Andy Creed

Aug 6 —- Billy Harrison
Aug 13 — Pamela Robinson
Aug 20 — Priscilla Swart
Aug 27 — Peter Catlin

Sep 3 —- Andy Creed
Sep 10 — Billy Harrison
Sep 17 — Pamela Robinson
Sep 24 — Priscilla Swart

Oct 1 —- Andy Creed
Oct 8 —- Billy Harrison

Please let me know the service at which you would like to verge, so I can let the Church Office know, so you can be sent the assignment sheet for that service, so you’ll know who you participants will be, and so you can assure that they are there.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you need to find a substitute, please let Suzy Bristow  know who your substitute is going to be no later than the Monday before the Sunday of your original service assignment.  She now prepares the assignment sheet on that day, and if she does not know of your substitute, you will be sent the assignment email instead of your substitute, which makes it very difficult for your substitute to contact those assigned to ensure their presence for their assigned duties on Sunday.

ALSO, PLEASE NOTE:  Remember that we are the ones who are charged with seeing that the services are on track to help ensure the best possible worship experience for our congregation.  So when you receive the email assignment sheet, send your email out to the participants and ensure that all assigned are going to be there or have a substitute.  If we don’t hear back from anyone assigned by email, then it is our responsibility to call that person and ensure their attendance or that they have a substitute.  If an assignee does not obtain a substitute, it is our duty to obtain one for them before the service. Where acolytes are concerned, if you have problems in contacting them, please get in touch with the acolyte warden, who now is Todd Butcher.  I have previously sent out listing of acolytes and the guidebook of their duties. If you need another copy, let me know.

ALSO:  As vergers, we are still responsible for assuring that the assignments for Sat. 5:30 service and 8:00 early service are met, even though we only verge during the 10:30 service.  So, please make sure that your assignment email includes the assignees for those services, as well, and call them as necessary to ensure their attendance.

FINALLY:  Before the 10:30 service, please ensure that the altar and credence table are properly set; ensure that the Bible readings are properly marked at the lectern; ensure that the acolytes know their proper assignments (1st and 2d cross – candle bearers – book – flags (if enough acolytes available); and ensure that the choir and acolytes are lined up hopefully by 10 minutes before service starts, but certainly no later than 5 minutes (and that cuts it too close).  We are, also,encouraged to get to know the acolytes and to monitor their behavior during the service to try to ensure no distractions to the congregation.  Very seldom is there a problem in that regard, but occasionally some younger acolytes forget where they are and what they are doing.  We should, also, encourage them to participate in the service – sing hymns and follow along in the prayers, etc.

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