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Our current worship environment has enjoyed the support of a wonderful organ for 35 years.


As with any 35-year-old item – cars, TVs, HVAC systems – replacements are needed in time.


While our current organ has served us well – parts, technology, and technicians are no longer easily available (if at all) for that unit to support our worship experience when it fails.


We have spent $22,000 over the last two years to keep this unit running and are at risk of regular operation. Recently our worship services were supported with piano only, due to an out of service organ.


As our Director of Music and Organist George Chesnut says – “it is time to retire the old girl.”


A team formed in September of last year has been working on a project theme of Keys To Our Future – A New Organ. The goal of the project is to replace our 35+ year old organ. Details of the work to date can be read here.


The preferred option is a 3 Manual Pipe Organ Console with 67 Digital Ranks (the pipes will remain, it is the digital organ being replaced) – this unit supports our requirements of both digital and pipe organ capabilities.



  • Price = $175,000


Similar to how St. Peter & St. Paul has approached Carpenter’s Work projects

  • Tithe =    20,000

  • Total = $195,000


To date – we have received over 50% of the commitment needed from the attendees in item 5 in the link above.


If you wish to support this project, we can send you a commitment card for you to indicate your financial interest in helping fund this project. We desire the commitment cards to be returned to Chuck Matheson, St. Peter & St. Paul Church Treasurer by May 6. Place the commitment card in an envelope and place the envelope in Chuck’s mailbox in the SPSP administrative office (photocopy room). Please send us an email by clicking on this link if you desire a commitment card.


Do you have any questions? If so, please contact

  • Chuck Matheson, St. Peter & St. Paul Treasurer,

  • Tom Martin, Keys To Our Future team member, or

  • George Chesnut, Director of Music.


Thanks for your support of St. Peter & St. Paul.

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