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Festive Dinner Table

Foyer Dinner Groups

Foyers Means Friends, Food and Fellowship

Foyer Groups are dinner groups that meet monthly in people’s homes. Groups range in size from 5-12 people. We take names and arrange groups for the fall, and regroup for the Spring. Foyers gives people the opportunity to meet people in the church and build relationships around a meal together.

If you are interested in participating in this next Foyer Group season from February through January, you can fill out the form below or contact Anne Wright.

Foyer Groups have been part of our Episcopal tradition since WWII in the 1940’s when Churches in England were demolished and believers wanted to gather and maintain their collective Christian spirit, friendships, and relationships. Click here for more information about the Foyer Group background, its purpose, how Foyer Groups align with SPSP Vision and Mission and some of the specifics of the forming the groups and how they operate.

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Below are some comments from the most recent Foyer Group season that just ended:

• “We thoroughly enjoyed our time in our Foyer Group. It was wonderful to grow our community in the church and make new friendships along the way. We loved that our group was diverse in age, backgrounds and time at the church. The blend of new and experienced members, young and old made this a truly unique experience. As new members of the church this was an invaluable experience in growing our fellowship. I love that we walk into church and have a group of friends, it makes it feel even more like home! It was great to commune in each other’s homes. With both of us working full time combined with lengthy commutes, we loved that this was a doable commitment. I would encourage any members new or old to participate in this experience.”

• “I never thought that our Foyer Group would have created an opportunity to grow as Christians and as friends, like the way that our Foyer Group has grown. Every month, we ate together, played games, brought our children together and laughed together. The five other couples that we connected with have given us so much this past year: Friendship, Laughter, Grace and an opportunity to talk about God. I honestly can say that these couples are more than friends; they are family now, and we are beyond thankful that God brought us together. With His help, we have created a circle of love, trust and ongoing support for one another.”

• “I would like to say again that I thoroughly enjoyed our times together, and it’s truly lovely to have begun to form relationships with a small group. I’d like to add again that I personally would love to stay with the same group for an entire year. I would love the opportunity to get to know everyone in the group better and have more time to share with them. Thank you for your work in getting all of this arranged!”

• “We had a wonderful variety of age groups including a newly married young couple, a family, a couple with two young children, a single person, empty nesters, and the two of us older ones. Lively conversation ranged from church music, the whys of incense, Sunday school, travel, to work and hobby experiences, all shared with lots of laughter. Sharing food led to lively talk about recipes, cooking, and places to eat in our area. We all had so much fun that we discussed getting together again……and we will. Opening your home for Foyers opens your heart to others. Foyers is a great way to build Church community.”

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