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Why Jesus?

“Who cares about religion? Aren’t they all the same?

Why should I care about Jesus?”

There are so many ideas in our world about what is important and so many ideas about spirituality and “higher powers.” Christianity isn’t taken for granted anymore, and perhaps that’s best. Religions try to answer these questions, some on the basis of philosophy, some with claims of revelation from God. Many come with moral codes about right and wrong. Christianity certainly has a great moral tradition, and Christianity certainly comes with claims about who God is and who we are as human beings. Primarily, however, Christianity is about relationships.

Christianity is about our relationship with God in Jesus Christ, and our relationships with other people that are changed because of our relationship with God. God loves us deeply, and desires to be connected with us so that we may live life to the fullest and experience God’s gifts to us in great joy. Because of this, God became human in Jesus of Nazareth to show us more fully who God is, and to open up a relationship with God that will last for ever. Jesus showed us that he is God’s son—God made human—by his teaching, by his fulfillment of prophecies, but primarily through his rising to life again after he was executed by the Roman Empire. Many people witnessed his resurrection and preached his divinity and his message at the cost of their own lives. Through the gift of God the Holy Spirit, these people knew this new relationship and the power of God to transform their lives.

Neither Jesus nor the apostles had any motivation to lie in making their claims–such claims led to their deaths. Insanity isn’t an explanation, since all the people around Jesus experienced the same miracles and saw the same dead man living again. If Jesus is who he said he is, then it is the most exciting and important news, for Jesus shows us more fully who God is, and who we are, and what it is to be in relationship with God.

Christianity speaks about sin. Some people think of sin as breaking a rule. Sin can also be described as breaking a relationship. Cheating on one’s spouse certainly breaks a rule, but the rule is there to preserve the relationship. Forgiveness of sins is the gift that God gives us so that we can continue in relationship with God even though we constantly turn away from and reject God. Jesus’ life, death and resurrection demonstrate that God’s love can overcome our failures. Jesus’ life, death and resurrection give us this relationship with God for eternity.


So why Jesus? The answer doesn’t come as a personal benefit (like a self-help book), or a moral code (though we do learn something about true relationship with God and others as Christians). The answer comes as a relationship with God through the Holy Spirit (the power and presence of God with us—given to us through Jesus Christ). So come to God in prayer. Learn about God and hear God through the Bible. Experience the power of a relationship with God in a Christian Community. Learn the unbelievable power of God’s love to have an impact on your life—and through you to the lives of others.

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