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God's Generosity

"...Or are you envious because I am generous?" Matthew 20:15b

Dear Friends in Christ,

How wonderful it is to be more and more aware of God's generosity! Not that we don't have hardships in our lives--we do, and we feel loss and frustration as well. This is part of human living. And yet, God is also generous to us in so many ways. Do you look for him? Do you see God's provision for you? Do you receive what God is giving you?

The Israelites traveling in the wilderness were tired and hungry and thirsty. They complained that life was better in Egypt when they were in slavery. How easy it is to stick with the misery that you know rather than embrace the blessing that you don't know, especially if that blessing doesn't come easily.

I don't mean to ignore the hardships in life, but I and many others know God's power that overcomes our losses and struggles. Renewal after grief, reconciliation after conflict, healing after illness, growth after setbacks, relationships after isolation. A glimpse of the expansive love of God after being mired in our own darkness. These are the real experiences of God's generosity, and we find them when we are open to looking beyond our own pain and crisis into the heart of our generous God who is eager to transform our lives each day.

Open yourself to God and receive more and more of his generous grace!

Yours in Christ,



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