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Evangelism & Christian Fellowship

Our Mission is growing Disciples of Jesus Christ through inviting, welcoming, and connecting people to this Christian Community.

  • Inviting people to be disciples and to grow with us as disciples of Jesus.

  • Welcoming visitors and newcomers to this Christian Community.

  • Connecting all people (especially newer members & guests) into the life of the church.


To read the Mission & Vision of the Evangelism Ministry, Click Here.

Read more and follow the links below, and contact Susan Prout at 770.977.7473.

Inviting Ministries

Our Inviting Ministries include our public welcome to the community through our website, newsletter, signs, etc. We also reach out to invite others in through the Alpha program. We also help the parish learn how to share their God stories and invite others in.

ALPHA: Alpha is a ten week practical introduction to the Christian faith. It offers answers to some key questions and also allows an opportunity to strengthen your faith through small group discussions. It is ideal for those new to the Christian faith, or to those who are interested in exploring Christianity in a non-threatening environment. Alpha includes food, a talk, and good conversation. At this time, we don’t have Alpha on the schedule, though we are beginning to plan for one in 2020. Alpha runs in many churches. Check for an Alpha near you. Click Here for more info.


Our Connecting Ministries grow disciples of Jesus Christ by helping form personal connections and Christian fellowship among parishioners, especially for those new to the church. The Teams that support these efforts are Newcomers, Foyers, and ECW. We also put together special parish events such as picnics and Parish Retreats.

NEWCOMERS: The Newcomers Team follows-up with our guests and new members to provide a personal welcome, supporting their connection to the parish at their own pace. We also hold Newcomer’s Dinners to help facilitate a personal welcome and further personal connections for those new to the parish. For more information, and to get involved, contact Susan Prout.

FOYERS DINNER GROUPS: Foyer Groups have been part of our Episcopal tradition since WWII in the 1940’s when Churches in England were demolished and believers wanted to gather and maintain their collective Christian spirit, friendships, and relationships. Click here for more information about the Foyer Group background, its purpose, how Foyer Groups align with SPSP Vision and Mission and some of the specifics of the forming the groups and how they operate. If you are interested in participating in this next Foyer Group season from January through May, please contact Tom Martin.

SPECIAL PARISH EVENTS: Watch our Home Page and News Page (from a link on the home page) for upcoming parish events. Watch especially for these events: Shrove Pancake Dinner, March 2021 Ash Wednesday, March 2021 Lenten Program Dinner, March 2021 Women’s Retreat, March 2021 Lenten Evensong, April 2021 Parish Picnic, May 2021 Vacation Bible School, June 2021 Cool Girls, July 2021 Men’s Retreat, September 2021 Stewardship Dinner, October 2021 Annual Parish Meeting, November 2021 Advent Wreath Making Workshop, December 2021 Holy Comforter Christmas Party, December 2021

WELCOMING Ministries

Our Welcoming Ministries help our guests and those new to St. Peter & St. Paul to receive a warm welcome, especially from our Hospitality, Greeters and Newcomers Teams.

HOSPITALITY The Hospitality Team coordinates and provides refreshments for Coffee Hour after worship, and other special receptions and gatherings. These receptions provide a place for personal welcome and connection by our parish members. To learn more and get involved, contact Susan Prout.

GREETERS: The Greeters Team greets all people at worship services, especially helping those who are new to St. Peter & St. Paul to find their bearings, answer any questions they might have, and personally welcome them. To learn more and to get involved, contact Susan Prout.

All our ministries are eager to connect!


Each of our ministries is eager to welcome you to participate. Education, Children and Youth ministries, and our many service ministries often have regular opportunities in several groups for you to join us in our mission and enjoy Christian fellowship together.

For more information, contact the parish office or call 770-977-7473

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