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Dedication of the Complete Stained Glass Windows

By God’s grace and the generosity of our parishioners, our 19 year project to add beautiful Stained Glass to our worship space is now complete! Over 235 donors gave over $860,000 to support the purchase and installation of Twenty-three windows, many with numerous panels, from Willet Hauser Architectural Glass, Inc.  These majestic windows bringing glory to God and tell the story of the Good News of Jesus in gorgeous light and iconography.

Reserve Your Copy of the Book

Thanks for reserving!

As a commemoration of our beautiful stained glass, we are please to announce that we are making available a hard cover book for purchase.  Full of color, vibrance and history, this book will contain images of each window of stained glass with titles, descriptions and dedications.  It will also include photos of some of the actual glass being created by the artisans of Willet Hauser Architectural Glass.    The cost of the books will be $50 each and all proceeds will go to the printing costs and various ministries within St. Peter & St. Paul.

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