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Mission & Vision

Mission and Vision Statements for St. Peter and St. Paul 
(adopted by the vestry April 27, 2014)

Our Mission is Growing Disciples of Jesus Christ

  • Jesus Christ is at the center of who we are and what we do.

  • We grow new disciples for Jesus and we grow as disciples of Jesus, always deepening our faith wherever we are on our journey with Christ.

  • Discipleship is comprehensive of the Christian life, valuing devotion, scripture, training, mentoring, spiritual growth, prayer, pastoral care, service, stewardship and evangelism.

We believe that God has a vision for us as
              A Christian community, empowered by the Holy Spirit, active in:
                        Worship of God,
                        Discipleship for all ages,
                        Serving Christ in the world.

  • We see “Christian Community” as our core identity (vs club or organization), with Jesus at the center of our relationships, and with our Christian relationships as integral to our identity.

  • We invite others to share in the love of Christ in our community through warm, personal relationships.

  • “Empowered by the Holy Spirit” expresses our strong sense that discernment, guidance and empowerment of the Holy Spirit is the right foundation (rather than doing this on our own power or judgment).

  • This stresses active involvement by the community.

  • Starts with Worship of God as primary.

  • Raises “Discipleship for all ages” so that we are all focused on growth as Jesus’ disciples: children, youth, and adults.

  • Service is part of discipleship, and we have a particular passion for serving Christ in the world. This is not a secular approach to good works, but rather an expression of Jesus’ love for others that makes a difference in their lives.

How we will use these statements:

Through home meetings, parish discussion groups and prayerful discernment by the Vestry and ministry leaders (during 2012-2014), the vestry developed and unanimously adopted these statements on April 27, 2014. These statements will form and shape how we frame, plan and develop ministry in the years ahead. These will be the basis for strategic plans, and vision statements & plans for individual ministries. These statements help provide buoys for what we pursue and what we prune or decline, so that we bear fruit in line with God’s calls to us.​

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