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2024 vestry Nominations

At the Annual Parish Meeting on Sunday, November 12 at 9:15 AM, we will be electing three (3) new Vestry members for a three year term. Please review the responsibilities and expectations below. If you are interested in submitting your name for nomination, please complete the nomination form on the back of this notice and return it to the Church office, along with a picture for posting by Sunday, October 22. If you wish to nominate someone else, please speak with that person and have him or her prayerfully review the responsibilities and expectations, and complete and submit the form if he or she is willing to serve.

Vestry Responsibilities

  • To actively promote our Parish Mission & Vision,

  • To attend monthly meetings and any called meetings or other functions deemed necessary by the Vestry,

  • To attend the Annual Vestry Retreat at Rock Eagle, January 12-14, 2024.

  • To be liaison to a Parish Ministry Forum, and actively engage in the alignment of the Parish and Forum in our Christian community,

  • To serve as “Vestry Person of the Day” on a rotating basis for our weekend 

  • worship services,

  • To give time and talent to the work of the parish.


Those qualified to hold office of Vestry member shall be as follows:
“Any confirmed communicant in good standing of the Parish who is not less than eighteen years of age, and a regular communicant upon the services in the year 
preceding election, and known by the Treasurer to have made and maintained a 
stated financial commitment for church support in the year preceding election.” 
(SPSP By-Laws)
A “confirmed communicant” is a member of this parish who has been Confirmed 
(or Received) in the Episcopal Church, and receives Holy Communion in this parish


We seek devoted Disciples of Jesus Christ who are:

  • Committed to the Mission & Vision of this parish,

  • Faithful in Ministry, Stewardship and Christian Formation,

  • Clear, direct communicators; responsive, not emotionally reactive,

  • Positive, solution-oriented collaborators who can think strategically and

  • prayerfully about the whole scope of Christian ministry.

Nomination and Election Timetable

Sunday, October 22 - Vestry Nominations Closed
Sunday, October 29 - Nominations Posted
Sunday, November 12 - Election of Vestry Members

2024 Vestry Nomination Form

You can fill in the form below and submit it, or click HERE to download a PDF version that you can either fill in electronically or print and hand write your answers.

These responses will help the parish to know you as they prayerfully consider their vote. 

Thanks for submitting!
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